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Call of the sea – New Light Essence “Pilot Whale”

Dear readers,

Are you ready to open up to the oceanic consciousness and contribute to the healing of Mother Earth?

Since birth, I have been deeply connected to the oceans. As a child and later as a teenager I was allowed to spend 4 weeks of my summer holidays on the wild Atlantic. Even today I remember my special experiences with the Atlantic, as if it had only been yesterday. The water is my element and this is manifested in me at all levels.

Through my personal development and transformation processes, my connection to oceanic consciousness deepened and the communication with the sea-dwellers such as dolphins and whales followed.

During my recent stay on the magical island of La Gomera and especially on the open sea, I received many wonderful gifts and messages from the sea creatures. On the one hand, I was able to feel the incredible love of freedom of the animals and immerse myself in the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. On the other hand, I was sent a new high vibrational Light essence, associated with the vibration of the pilot whales.

In my blog article on Oceanic consciousness, I have already written about the fact that I felt the pain of the sea creatures and of the oceanic consciousness. There you can also read which animals showed up to me. The sea creatures have asked me for help and showed me with their extraordinary behavior that they are thankful for every support.

From my trip to La Gomera I brought the new Essence “Pilot whale”. It carries the vibration of the pilot whales and helps you to regenerate and integrate the new energies into your system. At the same time it helps to open your heart more to the consciousness of the oceans and sea creatures. You will learn to feel the overwhelming joy of pilot whales and to perceive the vastness of the oceans. When you use the Essence for yourself and your ongoing development, you take three drops of it three times a day in a glass of water. However, the “Pilot whale” essence still has a very special effect. It helps to increase the oscillation of the oceans and supports the healing of the oceans. So you can deliberately do something for the oceans. If you live near the sea or will soon be going on vacation to the sea, this essence would be a great way to become active. In a ritual, 3 drops of the essence are given as a gift to the sea. A detailed description of how to do that is included in the essence.

Are you attracted to the Essence “Pilot whale”? For yourself or to do something for the sea creatures? You can order them at the price of CHF 30, including packing/shipping costs from me.

For orders, appointments and questions, I am very happy to help. You can reach me by email:, by phone +41 (0)61 721 47 59 or +41 (0)79 620 99 05 (also SMS/WhatsApp) or through the contact form below.

Heartfelt love,
Florence Zumbihl,
Holistic Therapist
Ambassador of the Sea creatures