La Gomera Retreat – Dolphins and Whales

La Gomera Retreat May 3 – 8, 2020 Dolphins and Whales – Connecting with the Oceanic Consciousness – Exciting Encounters with Dolphins and Whales in the wild

Do you feel the call to delve into the world of dolphins and whales and connect with them? Are you ready to support the healing of the Oceans and Mother Earth? Welcome to my retreat on the magical island of La Gomera. The sea creatures are asking for our help and it is important that we all do something to protect them so that they will stay with us for a very long time.

La Gomera – the natural paradise with an incredible power of transformation. During the Retreat we immerse in the elements of water, earth, fire and air. At the same time we practice healing for Mother Earth and the Oceans.

Retreat program:
– 3 Whale Watching excursions with the boat of Oceano Whale Watching
– Island tour to discover the nature and powerful places of La Gomera including a hiking tour (for beginners) through the magic forest / national park
– Meditations, exercises to increase our awareness and psychic skills
– Group healing / group sessions
– High Vibrational Light Essences
– Being present and deepen your awareness to get in contact with the Oceanic Consciousness

The guided Whale Watching excursions are payable directly at Oceano Whale Watching in Valle Gran Rey, Euro 120 per person for all 3 tours (price as of May 2019, prices subject to change). You can decide on the spot whether you want to be on the water with the group or if you would rather stay on the island to have time for yourself. If you are attracted by the sea, but you are still afraid to go out to the sea, I can support you to dissolve those fears.

The sighting rate at La Gomera is about 90% and you never know if you will see something on the tour. In May 2018, I was blessed with many wonderful encounters such as around 100 dolphins, more than 60 pilot whales, 5 Blainville beaked whales, a Bryde’s whale and a breaching humpback whale. We have also seen sea turtles and flying fishes.

Costs for the Retreat: Fr. 820.–
Includes all meditation & lessons, High Vibrational Light essences, hiking excursion with local guide and bus.

During the retreat week you will have plenty of free time to relax and to reflect on your own experiences . Or if you like you can spend time on the beach or you can go shopping.

Not included:
– Whale Watching Excursions
– Flight and Transfer
– Accommodation
– Meals

Individual arrival to Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera, Canary Islands. Latest arrival Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 earliest departure Saturday May 9th 2020.
Arrival at Tenerife South Airport, bus or taxi transfer to the port of Los Cristianos, ferry to San Sebastian, La Gomera, onward from San Sebastian by bus to Valle Gran Rey.
I am happy to give you some suggestions. Travel time depending on your place of residence from approx. 12 hours up. Travel insurance is in the responsibility of the participant.

Different accommodations are available for you which you can book directly. Accommodation without meals from 28 Euro in a wonderful quiet pension or apartments with pool from 57 Euro resp. directly by the sea from 75 euros per night. If you are interested in the retreat, please contact me.

If you like I send you the detailed information about the accommodations.



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