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Magic Island of La Gomera – Retreat Dolphins and Whales

Dear reader,

Have you ever been to La Gomera? La Gomera is the second smallest of the Canary Islands and is also called the Magic Island or the Island of Wisdom.

Even before I visited La Gomera for the first time, I was magically attracted to the island. I couldn’t explain why, but the question answered itself when I was on this wonderful island. La Gomera is also called the Hawaii Europe’s, because you can see a lot of dolphins and whales there. It is a true paradise for sea lovers and nature lovers. Fortunately, the island has been spared from mass tourism and thus many wonderful places of power can be found. This is certainly also due to the fact that many do not want to take on the extraordinary journey. There are also zones that are completely free for WLAN and mobile phone reception. Are you ready to open your heart to this magical island?

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Dolphins, Oceanic Consciousness, Retreat

Call of the sea: Oceanic Consciousness

Dear Reader,

I recently returned from a wonderful journey. I was on the transformative island of La Gomera for 12 days. La Gomera is a powerful island and the energies of the Fire (volcano), Mother Earth (Laurel Forest/National Park), the water (the Wild Atlantic) and the wind are clearly noticeable. I am very grateful that I was allowed to immerse myself in the energies and life of the dolphins and whales. I also felt the powerful energy of the Dragons.

During this trip, I was increasingly on the sea and took part in 5 trips on the small boat of Oceano whale watching, with which we respectfully explored the habitat of the sea creatures. You drive out to sea and never know what surprises it has in store for you. Every trip is an adventure, because it can simply be that nothing is out of the Atlantic and the shearwaters. Each excursion had a different surprise in store and we were given plenty of presents. Turtles, flying fish, Atlantic spotted dolphins, large bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, a Bryde’s whale, several Blainville beaked whales and a humpback whale were shown. Every encounter with dolphins and whales was unique. The meeting with the humpback whale was something extraordinary and simply indescribable. The humpback whale jumped at a safe distance from the boat several times from the water, an unforgettable experience, which is anchored forever in the heart.

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