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Magic Island of La Gomera – Retreat Dolphins and Whales

Dear reader,

Have you ever been to La Gomera? La Gomera is the second smallest of the Canary Islands and is also called the Magic Island or the Island of Wisdom.

Even before I visited La Gomera for the first time, I was magically attracted to the island. I couldn’t explain why, but the question answered itself when I was on this wonderful island. La Gomera is also called the Hawaii Europe’s, because you can see a lot of dolphins and whales there. It is a true paradise for sea lovers and nature lovers. Fortunately, the island has been spared from mass tourism and thus many wonderful places of power can be found. This is certainly also due to the fact that many do not want to take on the extraordinary journey. There are also zones that are completely free for WLAN and mobile phone reception. Are you ready to open your heart to this magical island?

Even on arrival, you may be lucky enough to see dolphins and whales on the ferry crossing from Tenerife to San Sebastian de la Gomera. If you do not see them, you can still perceive the energy of these enchanting angels of the seas. They show themselves to those who are open to them.

The Canary Islands belong to the 2nd Chakra of the earth and each of the islands has its own meaning. Especially in the area of the 2nd chakra a lot of healing can happen during the seminar week. Let yourself be surprised. ❤

My trip to La Gomera will take place in May 2019.  This week a lot of transformation is happening and we are connecting with different nature creatures. Also learn to feel the powerful energies of the dragons. The fire and energy of the dragons support your own development. In different exercises and meditations you will learn to communicate with the dragons as well as with other nature creatures.

To get in contact with the dolphins and whales, we will make three exits to the open ocean on the small Oceano Whale Watching boat.  On these trips we let ourselves be surprised by which animals want to come to us. The animals themselves decide how close they want to come to our boat. Last May we were accompanied by many dolphins. There were also many pilot whales, as well as a humpback whale, who said goodbye to us with several jumps from the sea.

I will be happy if you are there and let your heart be touched by the magical island of La Gomera. For questions and registrations I am at your disposal from the bottom of my heart.


Florence Zumbihl

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