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Acupuncture massage – Your free-flowing Qi

Dear Reader,

Have you heard of acupuncture massage?

Acupuncture massage (acupuncture without needles) is a wonderful therapy to promote free flowing Qi.

Many people are mistaken because of the name and imagine a massage in the classic sense. However, it is not a massage, but a holistic method based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Organ clock – metal rods – demo ear for the acupuncture massage

For the acupuncture massage, I work with a metal rod and dissolve energy blocks in the energy lines of the body, called meridians and enable a trouble-free energy flow. Each session is individually tailored to the client and therefore different.  It depends on which pains you currently suffer from. Various options are available to me to have a diagnosis. The main results are obtained through your ear. Your ear shows me the area in which the energy block that is responsible for the pain is located. Based on this result I dissolve the energy block in your meridian system with the metal rod and work on the whole body. If necessary, specific acupuncture points are targeted to promote the flow of energy. Furthermore, I can check with the acupuncture massage, if you have a pelvic obliquity and realign it with gentle manipulation of the pelvis. A further step of the treatment is to check whether a displaced vertebra could be the root of an energy block.  Again, it is determined through your ear which vertebras have shifted and these are being repositioned in a gentle way in your body.

I have been manipulating vertebras for years with the Dorn Therapy, but my path has taken me away from it and I have taken closely to the gentle and pleasant nature of the vertebrae manipulation through acupuncture massage. It is particularly helpful when classical massage does not show enough results.

After a session, you feel relaxed, and back in the flow. The feedback I receive from my clients tells me that the pain eases immediately after a treatment. In general, several sessions are required to bring back harmony and balance to the entire energy system as well as to the statics of the body.

Where can acupuncture massage, also known as APM therapy, be used?

  • As prophylaxis for health care
  • acute and Chronic pain
  • headaches
  • back pain
  • tension
  • lumbago
  • pelvic obliquity
  • displaced vertebrae
  • arthrosis
  • painful joints
  • digestive problems
  • hay fever
  • allergies
  • scar interference suppression
  • lack of energy
  • exhaustion
  • chronic fatigue
  • cold feet and cold hands
  • menstrual problems and pain
  • menopausal symptoms
  • the application areas are almost endless, please feel free to ask me if the APM therapy could help you with your symptoms.

To get an idea of ​​how well this works, I recommend you view my guest book, in which a client wrote her feedback for the acupuncture massage treatment: Link to the guestbook

I am at your disposal for appointments and any questions you may have. You can reach me by phone on +41 (0) 61 721 47 59 or +41 (0) 79 620 99 05 (also Text message / WhatsApp) as well as by mail.

I look forward to accompanying you.

Florence Zumbihl
Holistic therapist
Qualified Acupuncture massage therapist


Yin Yang – Acupuncture massage Florence Zumbihl

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