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Summer 2018 – Impressions

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. ” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Dear reader,

It is an intense and long summer. The temperatures have been unusually high for Switzerland as well. We desperately need rain everywhere, with downpours that nature can absorb, to provide plants and animals with much needed water. You, as an individual can contribute a lot with visualization exercises.

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Hold a meditative posture and take a few conscious breaths. Become more and more relaxed with each breath and center yourself. When you find your inner stillness, ask for rain and visualize it. It is important to visualize that the rain is already here and to see it in this present moment. Remain in this energy for approximately 30 minutes and visualize again and again soft gentle rain falling and Mother Earth absorbing it gratefully. See the animals gratefully drink the abundantly available water. Feel their joy and gratitude. See how water sources, trees, and plants are revived by the elixir of life. See yourself dancing joyfully in the rain.

When everything has been so dry for a while, there is nothing more pleasurable than standing in the rain and feeling the water and the raindrops touch your skin. Feel your growing joy and happiness, let your inner child jump around and beam with joy.

Give thanks to the Universe, God, or whatever your beliefs are at the end of the meditation and visualizations. Feel how you relieved you are as well. A lot of old energies and karmic patterns are being released at this time in our collective and individual consciousness. This, alongside the heat wave may cause you headaches and can make feel you irritable. If you visualize yourself in the rain, it will help you to cleanse your own energy.

I wish you a wonderful end of summer and am happy to share some pictures of nature I took over the summer. I would be very happy to receive your messages about your summer and how your meditations went.

With love & light x
Florence Zumbihl

Ermitage, Copyright Florence Zumbihl


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