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Call of the sea: Oceanic Consciousness

Dear Reader,

I recently returned from a wonderful journey. I was on the transformative island of La Gomera for 12 days. La Gomera is a powerful island and the energies of the Fire (volcano), Mother Earth (Laurel Forest/National Park), the water (the Wild Atlantic) and the wind are clearly noticeable. I am very grateful that I was allowed to immerse myself in the energies and life of the dolphins and whales. I also felt the powerful energy of the Dragons.

During this trip, I was increasingly on the sea and took part in 5 trips on the small boat of Oceano whale watching, with which we respectfully explored the habitat of the sea creatures. You drive out to sea and never know what surprises it has in store for you. Every trip is an adventure, because it can simply be that nothing is out of the Atlantic and the shearwaters. Each excursion had a different surprise in store and we were given plenty of presents. Turtles, flying fish, Atlantic spotted dolphins, large bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, a Bryde’s whale, several Blainville beaked whales and a humpback whale were shown. Every encounter with dolphins and whales was unique. The meeting with the humpback whale was something extraordinary and simply indescribable. The humpback whale jumped at a safe distance from the boat several times from the water, an unforgettable experience, which is anchored forever in the heart.

During my stay, I received a lot of messages and I want to stir you up and point out that our help is needed. In isolated meditations and connection with the Oceanic Consciousness, I felt the pain that is present. It’s time to do more for the healing of the oceans and Mother Earth.

Every single one of us can do a lot for the oceans and the sea creatures through small changes in everyday life. It is about getting involved in the consciousness of the ocean and reminding yourself of the magical creatures. The whales and dolphins are there for us, they give us a lot of strength, support and keep the vibration of the Earth. It is becoming increasingly important for us to do our part and connect more to strengthen the oceans and Mother Earth. You do not need to travel to the sea, but you can also contact Oceanic Consciousness from home. The closer you are to the sea, the more powerful the connection will be.

Please reduce packaging material, plastic and waste whenever possible. Sadly, during the trips, we collected a lot of rubbish, which can be life threatening for turtles. Every little step you take has an impact on the whole. Do not underestimate your strength, but start doing something Now.

From the 17th to the 23rd of May 2019, I am conducting a spiritual retreat on La Gomera, if you want more information about it, please contact me. During the retreat, we will immerse ourselves in the oceanic consciousness on the water and on land. On the boat of Oceano Whale Watching, we will take a maximum of 10 people out to sea and be surprised what reveals itself. On the magical island of La Gomera, we continue to dive into the power of the fire, the Earth and the air.

For questions, appointments and further information I am very happy and pleased to help you. You can reach me through email on: mail, by phone +41 (0)61 721 47 59, by SMS/WhatsApp on +41 (0)79 620 99 05 or via the contact form below.

Love and Blessings,
Florence Zumbihl
Spiritual Teacher

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