Your own power place

Dear Soul,

Since walking my spiritual path I am more and more connected with nature and love walking and being outside. There exists many power places over the whole planet and there you always see people meditating, finding balance and boosting their energy. Have you already been to such a place?

Maybe they are too far away or you live in a city where there are no such power places, but you can create your own. It can be in your own home, in your garden or somewhere in nature where you feel drawn too. I live in a city with 18’000 habitants and we have a wonderful nature reserve.

Following the heart
One day, walking on the main promenade in the nature reserve, I followed a small path, which guided me to the river. At the beginning of the path, a tree with the sign of a heart welcomed me. I went further down to the water and some stones in the river caught my attention. I was deeply attracted by this wonderful place. It was very peaceful, surrounded by trees and I could observe the ducks and birds. I felt great stillness within and that something magical had drawn me to this spot. Since this day I go regularly to this place and meditate, sometimes I only sit there observing the trees, the flow of the river or the ducks. Meditating regularly at this place has built up an incredible energy and a deep connection. Once I also witnessed a Divine Plan Healing session for myself. At this sacred place I also receive Guidance and amazing signs from the Universe.

Flo1Becoming one with Mother Earth and Nature
At this fabulous place, I am one with Mother Earth and Nature and it is like I am in another dimension. Even the animals come very close to me and a few weeks ago I was very lucky to see a beaver swimming by. If you wish to have such a place, you can create it yourself.

How do you create your own power place?
I encourage you to go outside, it can be in a park, a forest, up in the mountains, at the edge of a river or it can be the beach if you live close to the sea. See if your heart is taking you to a place that feels right for you. Now it is summer it is a pleasure to go outside. If you choose a place visited by many people, you can go early in the morning or in the evening at dusk. As soon as you find this magical place, you can meditate every time you go there. The meditation builds up the energy and the connection between you and this place can grow. If you are not used to mediate, but attuned in a healing system, then you can practise self-healing for example.

Flo2Do you already have your own personal power place? I would love to hear from you how you found it.

With Love and Blessings,

Florence Zumbihl

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